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Members of the MG Car Club of WA, directly and through the Club’s association with other car clubs in WA, are involved in a number of competition events throughout the year. These include

Regularity Trials, Sprints, Hill Climbs, Motorkhanas, Driver Training, Tuning Days and Historic Race meetings.

Members wishing to participate in Club competition events for the first time are encouraged to speak with the Club’s Competition Secretary so that you can be fully prepared for your first event. This particularly includes the vehicle and driver protection requirements for a specific type of event, as these will vary considerably. The Competition Secretary can advise on these requirements so that you are prepared for scrutineering for the event.

A Motorsport Australia ‘Speed Licence’ allows you to participate in Speed Events, Hill Climbs, Sprints, Motorkhanas and Regularity Trials.

It does NOT allow you to race.

If you don’t have a Motorsport Australia Speed Licence, please speak to the Competition Secretary for advice and assistance in obtaining a Speed Licence. Further information can be found on the Motorsport Australia website at


Motokhanas, also known as Autokhanas and Superkhanas, are short driving courses generally marked out by traffic cones or other objects. The aim of a motorkhana is to complete the course in the fastest time without hitting any of the cones.

Club members are active in motorkhana events organised by other Clubs including the Triumph Sports Owners Association and the Mini Car Club (which convenes the  Motorsport Australia State Motorkhana Series).

Motorkhanas are great for developing and demonstrating driving skills in a relatively low speed and safe environment.


A number of clubs hold Hillclimbs and they are held at Northam (Mt Ommaney), Albany (Mt Clarence and the Wind Farm), Collie Motorplex (Phil’s Hill) and Barbagallo Raceway (Jack’s Hill). Hillclimbs have a long history throughout the world, particularly in Britain where the sport was initiated early in the life of automobiles and remains very popular today.

As the name suggests, Hillclimbs are timed runs up a hill from a standing start.


The major sprint series in WA is the Motorsport Australia State Speed Event Series held at various venues including Barbagallo Raceway and Collie Motorplex. This series is very popular and is attracting a large number of entrants. Events include both circuit sprints and hillclimbs.

The Vintage Sports Car Club of WA also holds the Targa West City Sprints on Perth Esplanade in conjunction with the Targa West tarmac rally event.

Motorsport Australia Officials

If driving your car in competition events is not for you but you still would like to be involved in motorsport, you can participate in Motorsport Australia training programmes and courses to become a Motorsport Australia official. This includes vehicle scrutineering, flag and grid marshalling, Club Chief, Steward and Clerk of Course qualifications.

No Motorsport Australia competition event can take place unless enough accredited officials are at the venue to ensure the event is run according to the Motorsport Australia rules. These positions provide an opportunity to be involved up close to the action. Motorsport Australia accreditation is recognised worldwide.

Regularity Events

Regularity Events organised by the Vintage Sports Car Club of WA are held at Northam (Flying 50), Albany (Albany Classic), Collie (Coalfields 500) and Barbagallo Raceway (Vintage Stampede). The Northam and Albany events commemorate the historic ‘round the houses’ racing of past decades and are the only events of their kind remaining in Australia.

Regularity Events are a variation of the rules for Historic competition to allow those, who are unwilling to race, to run their cars for their own enjoyment and that of the spectators. It is a competition in the form of a trial of regularity.

The continuing existence of regularity trials relies upon the exercise of common sense, and more particularly good judgement on the part of the organisers and competitors.

At a time set by the organisers, prior to the event, each competitor will (after practice) nominate a lap time for the event. Organisers have the right to refuse to accept a nominated time, if it is deemed to be unreasonable.

For each lap on which the competitor records a lap time less than the nominated time, a penalty of two points per second shall apply. For each lap greater than the nominated lap time, a penalty of one point per second shall apply.

The winner is the competitor who has completed the required number of laps and has accrued the least penalty points.

In understanding what is involved in these and other events we are competing in please speak to the competition secretary and he can give you a more detailed insight as to what is involved.