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The MG Car Club has an extensive library of Motoring related items with particular emphasis of course, on the MG Marque, which are available for club members to borrow.

The stock contains some 230 Books & Manuals and 50 DVD’s & Videos and a huge array of magazines and more items are continually being added.

Borrowing items from the library is FREE, is very simple and can be done at the clubrooms on evenings of monthly General Meetings. Just make your selection from the shelves and sign and date the items out on the appropriate numbered page in the stock list – not forgetting of course to sign/date them back in the catalogue on return.

Operating on an honour system, the loan period is normally one month (between general meetings) so obviously as a courtesy to other club members who may be waiting for a certain book or DVD it is requested that borrowers adhere to this time frame.

However, if no other member has requested the particular stock item it may be signed out for a further loan period but PLEASE do not retain the Book/DVD without first checking the catalogue for request notification.

If a stock item is already out on loan a request slip, situated with the catalogue books, can be completed in order that the librarian can follow this through and obtain the item for the next reader ASAP.

No item may be borrowed consecutively for more than three months without consulting the librarian.

Most models of MG are covered in the current stock list and new publications covering the very latest models since China took over production of the Marque may be added as and when they become available.

Our Libarian Sarah Fry is usually available at club General Meetings if you have any queries about book borrowing..

Library Catalogue

There are many books and DVD’s available for club members to borrow at monthly General Meetings.

Come along and have a look.

The recently upgraded full catalogue includes all latest additions, click the link below to download a copy.

 Here are a few titles to whet your appetite – 

An MG Experience by Dick Jacobs (Cat. No. 1)

Mig Welding – Step by Step by Lindsay Porter (Cat. No. 2)

The Classic MG by Richard Aspden (Cat. No. 5)

Mark Webber – Two Steps Forward by John Morris (Cat. No 13).

MGB Restoration Manual – Haynes/Porter (Cat. No. 8)

With Campbell at Coniston by Arthur Knowles (Cat.No.11).